Payroll Processing Clients


Good Morning,

As you've HOPEFULLY heard, we are open for business.

While, for the health and safety as well as the protection of our employees, and to stay aligned with changing government regulations during the COVID-19 (also referred to as "coronavirus") pandemic, some of our locations have temporarily modified our operations to reduce close contact and to practice social distancing, but we HAVE NOT closed. We are prepared to continue to support your business and employees.

We have instituted our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) so we can continue to help you with your top priorities - keeping your business running, addressing the Benefits needs of your employees, and making sure your employees are paid and helping you navigate through the many changes in federal and state regulations and avenues of support for your business and employees.

Please review the answers to these frequently asked questions about how COVID- 19 may affect you:

Are first quarter payroll taxes being delayed as a result of COVID-19?

According to all public information we've been able to obtain, first quarter 2020 federal payroll tax filing and payments will not be delayed; therefore, we're moving forward with our normal federal tax filing plans. If we learn otherwise, we'll let you know as soon as possible.

We are actively monitoring changes at the state level as well. As these changes are solidified, we will communicate to you as soon as possible.

What if I can't get through to my accountant at VanderBioemen Hietpas Foy and McDonald service representative?

We're actively mobilizing our professionals so that we're well-positioned to continue providing support during this crisis while protecting the health and safety of our employees.

Our primary payroll team is as follows:

Andrew Dengel 920-921-3356 / 920-387-3083

Nolanie 920-921-3356- Fond du Lac / Mayville

Amanda Laubenstein 920-387-3356 - Fond du Lac / Mayville

Doug Hohenfeldt 262-574-0374 - Waukesha & Milwaukee

Of course, you can contact any of our personnel and offices with questions if you are
unable to reach the normal staff that handles your account.

Will someone call me for payroll as they normally do?

Your payroll reporting is "business as usual." If you normally receive a call from your payroll professional to report your payroll, expect to receive a call on your regular day. If you normally call us at a regular scheduled time, then continue to do so.

Can I still drop off and pick up my payroll at the office?

Yes. Please call before you come to coordinate the drop-off and pick up. We want to assure you we will be there for you and to complete our services for you as best as possible with no interuption through this challenging time.


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