When it comes to cybersecurity, cover your assets!


In the era of COVID-19, cybersecurity has reached a new level of necessity when it comes to protecting our businesses and personal livelihood. The effects of cyberattacks are real and far-reaching. According to Accenture, the cost of a malware attack on a company averages $2.6 million annually. At The VanderBloemen Group, we are very concerned about this rising issue and how it impacts our clients.

In response to these new and increasing threats, cybersecurity providers are ramping up their offerings to better protect businesses and individuals. For example, Milwaukee-based IT firm River Run has developed the following strategy.

security foundation

River Run’s R-Security strategy is “an umbrella” that includes a comprehensive Security Foundation Review of physical and virtual cyber threats and vulnerabilities in your office or via those working remotely, and the impact an incident or breach could have on you, your team, your clients, and the future of your business. When defining solutions to harden your organization’s security, we take a balanced approach, keeping in mind the need for mission-based system performance while ensuring a fully secure environment.

The entire goal of R-Security is to protect clients from suffering through a devastating and costly loss that could even result in the loss of the business entirely. Cybercriminals are plotting attacks every minute of every day on any front they can reach.

In 2020 we saw:

  • The average amount of ransomware demands quadruple to an average of $170,000 for SMBs.
  • 50% of SMBs that suffer a breach go out of business within 6 months.
  • 60% of SMBs have reported being the victim of some form of cyberattack.

This is not an abstract “if” question anymore. It is a concrete fact with the need prepared for “when.” River Run is making proactive recommendations to clients because we feel obligated to ensure that every business leader we meet with is given a proper set of recommendations to protect their assets as much as possible as threat levels continue to increase and evolve.

River Run brings large-business enterprise expertise, capabilities, and certifications, while operating with the innovative and agile mindset of a start-up with our unique team approach. This gives our clients the advantage of our breadth and depth of our experience, while also benefiting from our ability to move quickly and rapidly innovate.

As a managed service provider, River Run understands what is required to secure our clients’ environment. Our assessments go far beyond just a technical focus. We take a broad view of your organization’s processes and technology to create a comprehensive understanding of your security risk posture. We understand that you must also have the proper insurance policies, physical security, and planning for both Incident Response (IR) and Disaster Recovery (DR).

River Run understands that avoiding threats must be balanced with operational performance. We take a holistic approach to understanding your environment, your industry, and your unique way of doing business before strongly and confidently recommending security requirements we believe you need to have in place.

Our expert team includes a mixture of personnel with the right certifications and R-Security knowledge, allowing us to quickly assess security threats while our industry leading AI tools and live SOC analysts vigilantly monitor networks and endpoints 24/7/365 and act quickly to thwart any malicious activity detected. And, we assess these tools and services on a daily basis to stay ahead of “The Bad Guys.” River Run clients are guaranteed to receive critical support and leading-edge security solutions to combat emerging threats.

Our security professionals are passionate about driving the best security practices possible. We ensure that our clients are more resilient from today’s ever-increasing cyberattacks and that they are protected, trained, save time and effort, and gain total endpoint visibility.

We appreciate the opportunity to present our comprehensive, R-Security offering to you. We hope to have the honor of serving as your security partner and managed service provider.


Experience IT at its Best!

River Run is a family of business consultants focused on IT. We have been providing Managed IT services throughout southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois to keep you “up and running” since 1993. Our four-part support process, team model and network security services let you experience IT at its best.

We employ a close-knit team of 70 people, including nearly 40 engineers, many of whom have been with us for over 10 years. Our Discovery, Management, Monitoring with Maintenance, and Network Security processes and procedures exemplify our extraordinary IT Support.

Your business comes first.

For more information, contact River Run at 414-228-7474, www.river-run.com or email them at info@river-run.com

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