Wisconsin Department of Revenue COVID-19 Tax Relief


The 2019 Wisconsin Act 185 authorizes the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to grant extensions to taxpayers that request relief for returns and payments due in 2020 as described below.

  • Returns and payments for state and county sales and use taxes, employer withholding, and excise taxes that are due from March 12 through May 11 may be extended to May 11.
  • Returns and payments for the following taxes that are due from March 12 through June 10 may be extended to June 10:
    • Local Exposition District Sales Taxes (lodging, rental vehicles, and food and beverage)
    • Premier Resort Area Sales Taxes
    • Limousine Fee
    • Rental Vehicle Fees
    • Dry Cleaning License and Products Fees

All COVID-19 requests must be filed electronically after 8:00 am, Monday, April 20. Submit your request here:

An extension will provide relief from late filing fees, penalties and interest to the extended due date indicated above. Interest will accrue after the extended due date. If you are unable to pay your taxes in full after filing your return, contact us to work on a payment plan.

Note: The legislature may extend the state of emergency declared by the governor under Sec. 323.10, Wis. Stats., which may allow the department to extend the due dates further. The department will provide notice if additional relief is provided.